Rhema Bible College

Rhema Bible College was founded and established to help the youths to excellently prepare themselves for the divine and ministerial calling. All the students of Rhema Bible College, who are eagerly applying for admission to Rhema Bible College, they  must be approved by the Board of Rhema Bible College.  As far as the entrance requirements of the Rhema Bible College, an applicant must be of legal age of 18 years old during the date of his entrance at the Rhema Bible College. With respect to the documents that are needed to be admitted at Rhema Bible College, a new student must present his high school diploma or its accredited equivalent. In order for you to apply at Rhema Bible College, you need to follow these steps below:

Rhema Bible College

How to Apply at Rhema Bible College
Kindly request for an application form and for its corresponding instructions. To easily do this, you can write a letter to Rhema Bible College using this address of the Rhema Bible College. Rhema Bible College, 301 Cross Creek Drive, Summerville, SC  29485. For their contact number,  you can call Rhema Bible College at  843-821-7743

Send  your successfully completed application  form to Rhema Bible College

Secure the following official documents: your high school transcript, GED scores and your previous college transcripts. Mail the said papers to Rhema Bible College

If you are going to ask how much the tuition fee at Rhema Bible College, For a full-time enrollment at the Rhema Bible College, you are required to pay the amount of $250 for 12 semesters. For registration, every student is required to pay $15.00 per semester. If you wish to enroll on a part time basis, the Rhema Bible College will ask you to settle the amount $25 per semester.

Speaking of books at the Rhema Bible College, the total cost of books at the Rhema Bible College is $150 on the average, per semester. For financial matters, the students of Rhema Bible College are having the responsibility of settling their financial obligations in college, Rhema Bible College. In the event that their would be incurred financial debts to Rhema Bible College, all these financial obligations must be settled prior to the issuance of the student’s grades at the Rhema Bible College  These grades of the  students are being passed  every semester of the Rhema Bible College.

Students who are in need of a financial assistance from Rhema Bible College must successfully meet the Rhema Bible College scholarship grant. With respect to the payment options of Rhema Bible College, there are several plans for you to choose from.

For example, you will choose the Plan 1 option of payment as mandated by the Board of Rhema Bible College, you are allowed to settle the amount of at least one –fourth of the course during the first semester at Rhema Bible College, together with an application form of the payment option 1.

Plan 2 option of Rhema Bible College, requires a student of Rhema Bible College to settle his obligations to Rhema Bible College on a weekly installment basis.


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